drew waters: music


department of homeland recording: volume 1 of 2

dec 10

shane endsley- trumpet
alex vittum- drums
drew waters- bass, piccolo bass, piano, glockenspiel, sounds
composed, recorded and mixed by drew waters
trumpet engineering- nate wood
mastered by scott craggs at old colony mastering

i teach music at csu monterey bay, on the site of the former u.s. army base fort ord. the music department is in a decommissioned multi-denominational church. most of the recording took place within this building.

i chose to arrange the compositions for drums and trumpet because they are quintessentially two instruments closely associated with the military: they can be both loud and portable.

i thought about the church being a place where families would gather before a soldier left, and a place to gather when a soldier returned.

being in this former military environment, being very close to the water, spending time surfing at fort ord dunes state park, looking west waiting for waves....i began to wonder...how could i bring more meaning to the place where i am and tie together my environment with the environment of a fort ord resident of the past?

these compositions and the accompanying images represent the return of WO1 Freddie Nicklys Chase.

his tour in vietnam began monday, february 3, 1969, ending just over 4 weeks later.

this process brought up concepts of return, home, past and accepting the present.

his return begins from the coast.



rock for bass and drums: the third in a series

feb 09

this was recorded at sharkbite. the drummer on this album is alex vittum. overdubs were done in my studio. all of the parts, besides drums, were generated on my bass using old, and not-so-old analogue sound altering devices.